Sunsetbed Advantage



If you love to hang out at the sea or lake and enjoy a leisurely float across the cool water on a hot summer day, you'll love Sunsetbed.

Uses and Benefits

  • There is room for our product / service at any Beach.
  • We offer the most original and exclusive alternative to traditional beach lounger.
  • Avoid packed Beaches.
  • Allow to extend those beaches that have very limited areas of land.
  • Facilitates wonderful coastline areas of steep terrain, rocks, stones that otherwise could not be enjoyed.
  • A new and exclusive service, to be offer by all those hospitality businesses, that exploit the coastline or aquatic environments, such as lakes, seas, rivers, or resorts.
  • Meant to offer our customers a unique location, where they can manage their privacy, and be the cream of the crop from the finest spots.
  • Much more exclusive locations, it is the closest thing to being on a boat.


Customization options


There is a wide range of colours to choose from so they can be personalized using corporate colours and integrated as far as possible with their surroundings. (Ask for quotation).


Patented Product - PCT/070221