Safe Scuba Diving




Safe Scuba Diving, is a safety platform for the scuba diving, designed as sure point for that the divers emerge of the water with total safety. The platform or floating device shapes a perimeter of interior safety, where the divers will emerge.








  • A flagpole with an Alpha flag to indicate that there are divers in the water.
  • A parasol with reflective elements on the external face, to be spotted at great distance by ships, and in the interior face to help divers in case of bad visibility.
  • The interior perimeter offers several hooks for divers to be able to hung their equipment.
  • To increase the safety of the divers the device will carry an scuba diving bottle that can be liberated in caes of necessity.
  • Suspended from the floating device and at the depth that we have foreseen to realize the dip, we will have a safety bag that fulfills the following functions: With a striking orange color,  serves us as reference under the water, very usefully in cases of bad visibility and disorientation. This bag is large enough to hold in the interior a bottle with the necessary prepared regulators, to be used in case of emergency, as well as other usefull items as knife, flashlight etc..


Patented Product : PCT/070221