Our great passion of the sea and the idea of being able to always enjoy the best spot at the beach, made us think about how we could make our days at the beach more pleasant.


We started thinking about everything we liked from the beach and made a list. Our conclusion was that our biggest concern or what bothered us most was the massive crowds of people that a lot of beaches suffer, and the fact that in some of them you can`t even lay the towel, the lack of intimacy, the heat when there is no breeze and the importance of being close to the water in order to be able to swim, etc..


With these guidelines in mind, we got hands on. We had to design a product that would allow us to always be on the place of the beach where we could have our own space, sun and shadow, the refreshing sea breeze and the possibility on confortable swimming.


The idea quickly arose. A mini floating island or floating lounger where to comfortably be. The problem was how to do it. A thousand sketches, 3 D designs and a bunch of calculations, so we decided to use help of a naval engineer.


Finally and after several months of hard work, we managed to design, register and produce our first floating lounger, "Sunsetbed".